Body Spa

Swedish Spa Ritual

Swedish Spa Ritual

De-stress & Relaxtion Therapy

Nothing feels as good as this Swedish Spa Ritual, that pampers your body with Sugar & Essentials Oils, desgined to stimulate circulation and promote relaxtion. Enriched with Lemongrass & Basil Oils, this is an ideal way to eliminate accumulated stess, improve muscle tone and wase muscle aches

Sugar Honey Scrub

This body polisher made of sugar and Honey restores the health of your skin. Sugar exfoliates while Honey moisturizes, whilst offering your skin analluring softness & radiance

Lemongrass Green Body Oil

Benefit your body with skin toning properties of Lemongrass Oil, While Basil Oil, a natural muscle relaxer, will help lighten up tensed nerves

Marine Mud Wrap

Get wrapped in Marine Mud to benefit your body with its excellent detoxifying property that extracts impurities out of your body and feeds skin with essential minerals for a healthy-balanced skin

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